Taskandra lets you manage
your day. Focus on what matter.
Get things done. But much faster.

Taskandra’s task collection, schedule, and
projects1 enable you to organize and prioritize
your day in a fun, flexible, and fast way.

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Collect anything. Clear your head. Decide later.

Declutter your life by clearing your head from things you never had time to manage.

Things to-do, organised

Instead of a switching between multiple apps to manage your life, Taskandra help you manage everything in one place.

Get looped in, not out

Taskandra makes it simple to follow things you need to do, schedule tasks or find important things to-do in an easy way.

Give focus a chance

Taskandra lets you choose which tasks are most important — and which can wait. The visual platform that help you get things done.

Collect and schedule your
Tasks like never before

Whether it’s for work tasks, a side project
or even the next family vacation, Taskandra
helps you stay organized.

Manage all your projects
achieve the impossible

Keep your priorities straight and your goals
in vision with projects2 Focus on only what
matters. Achieving the impossible is easier
than ever before with Taskandra.

Whatever thing you do, you can manage it in Taskandra