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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA,) over 40 million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder – that’s close to 20% of the population. What’s causing this epidemic of anxiety? Psychiatrists agree that a major cause of anxiety is worrying about the great many things that a modern adult needs to get done. It used to be more clear. One person took care of the home and the kids, the other took care of making money. These days most people’s to do lists include responsibility for home and income, plus the additional burden of taking care of aging relatives. That’s why so many people are turning to productivity apps to help reduce stress by giving them more control of their tasks and their lives. Taskandra, a groundbreaking new productivity app, can enable you to take control of your life and workflow better than anything that’s come before it.

Use Your Down Time Effectively

Being more productive doesn’t mean working harder, it’s about producing quality work in less time. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use your downtime effectively. You can use Taskandra to plan out when you’ll relax and exercise. For example, you can add your morning yoga, walk or trip to the gym to your schedule and set a reminder. You can also add to do items for your down time goals such as planning a trip to Bermuda or taking a cruise. Another set of lists can include the books you’d like to read and the people you’d like to get together with. When we get busy with work, we can forget to connect with friends and relatives, leaving us with that nagging feeling that something needs to be done. Having a set of “to do’s” for your downtime can help you feel in control of your health and your relationships.

Get More Done In Less Time

Sometimes it seems like the more time you have for a project, the longer it takes to get it done. When we’re disorganized, small projects can take an what feels like forever to get done. It’s helpful to break things down into components that maximize your productivity for the time you invest. Rather than having one long to do list, you can have nested lists in different categories. For example one of the lists can have the supplies that are needed for the project, another can have a list of personnel needs, another can have the preliminary research that needs to be done. No need to sit down to work on the project until the supplies are purchased, the personnel are hired and the research has been completed. You’ll be surprised how quickly things can get done when your tasks are well organized.

Make Organizing Your Tasks Fun

Organizing can be fun and creative using Taskandra’s boards, lists and cards that help you view your tasks in fun, flexible and rewarding ways. You can collect every single one of your tasks in Taskandra and organize them visually, choosing the style that resonates best for you. For example, you can collect all of your ideas for improving your health such as:

  • Eat out Less;
  • Try plant based alternatives to meat;
  • Take tennis lessons;
  • Hire personal trainer;
  • Buy a salad spinner;
  • Eat more grain.

These are all health related tasks, but they overlap with other priorities. For example, you might have a list of tasks to save money:

  • Buy store brand foods;
  • Look for sales on bulk items;
  • Buy clothes on sale;
  • Check ebay for deals;
  • Cook from scratch, avoiding prepared foods.

The fun part begins when you move your tasks around in Taskandra, seeing how they overlap and work together. When examining the lists above, you see that you can accomplish both health and budget goals by at least items above, “Eat out less,” and “cook from scratch, avoiding prepared foods.” You’ll have more fun and get more done with Taskandra.

Whatever thing you do, you can manage it in Taskandra